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For me, it has to be Life-Keith Richards. 

I have read millions & millions of books on the Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Van Halen along with many others.  I have read great autobiographies like John by Cynthia Lennon, Kiss & Makeup by Gene Simmons, Clapton by Eric Clapton, I Me Mine by George Harrison & the one by Patti Boyd.  Keith's autobiography is the ultimate one, it's way above all others before & after it as a legendary rock star document.  

I would have liked to have got John Lennon's autobiography if he had lived as well but the riffmeister's book is equally special to me.   

What is your favorite classic rock autobiography?

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Hi everyone...

Yes, Keith Richards book was really very good.  I have read two interesting ones this month.  First, Neil Young's book Waging Heavy Peace...a little rambling but somewhat interesting.

Second, a history of the Allman brothers called No Way Out...EXCELLENT...Lots of information in here and done with all the surviving members participation.  Well worth the library trip to get it.


We've put some pretty good comments here so far...I'm going to add a different flavor for a moment:  Who's autobiography would we LIKE to see?

Two I'd LOVE to see:  Ian Anderson and David Gilmour...


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