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Okay folks, come with me down imaginary lane. We booked a 3 day cruise, and we need to stock it with bands ! Give me your TOP 5 bands you would want to see, and to make it more fun, tell me what year you want them to come from. Example: The Beatles circa 1967, The Cars circa 1981, etc... I am looking forward to participation and seeing the variety of answers.

 Here's my 5 bands

Pink Floyd - 1975

Led Zeppelin - 1973

The Rolling Stones - 1971

The Beatles - 1968

The Who - 1973

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Pink Floyd - 1975

Led Zeppelin -  1972

The Doors  - 1971

Jimi Hendrix -  1970

Rolling Stones - 1975

No specific order here and would love to add more.  nice post Mark :)

I'd buy a ticket for that cruise for sure !

Great choices.

CCR - 1971

Supertramp - 1979

Rolling Stones - 1974

Dire Straits - 1985

Doobie Brothers - 1976

This is not exactly what you're asking for but my ultimate rock concert would be where all members of the CRN would be present and would each bring along THEIR top 5 bands, free willies & waterproof sleeping bags, free beer/tea!/jelly babies/nosh, and all in my back garden!!!   (not forgetting Jethro Tull (as they were back when), Black Sabbath, etc. etc. \m/  \m/   

Ooopps!  Sorry, I meant 'wellies'!!!


Here's the 5 bands I would love to see!!  1)  Cream -  1967  2)  The Rolling Stones - 1966  3)  Yes - 1974  4) Led Zeppelin - 1975  5)  Deep Purple - 1974

The Doors 1967

Pink Floyd 1975

The Who 1971

Cream 1968

Led Zeppelin 1969

In particular order/ so hard to choose only 5

If I could add a bit (In no particular order): 

Jefferson Airplane - 1969-72

Jethro Tull ANY TIME


Ten Years After


What a great show we'd all have!


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