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Who gets annoyed at classic rock radio stations playing 90s music? Great article/research here...

This is a really great read guys - some guy did some research into what songs/bands get played most on classic rock radio stations, and noted what year they came from. 

He found that quite a lot of bands from the 90s are being played - annoying right? Even including Green Day! Metallica, U2, Guns N Roses, Nirvana and Pearl Jam were also mentioned - those are great bands at least, but they shouldn't be played on classic rock radio stations, if you ask me.

What do you think of this guys? And what crap does your local classic rock radio station play?

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Well AC/DC was mentioned several times and whether you like them or not, they have been around since the mid 70s. So they qualify as classic. Just sayin' This goes back to the age old question "What is Classic Rock?"

 I consider Classic Rock a style so to speak not a generation. I mean it might as well be called Oldies 2.0 if it is solely based on when it was released. Disco was a product of the 70s too...

I'm not a fan of GnR for example BUT they are not that far removed to the key points that make a Classic Rock sound. I have a lot more artist that are from the 60s thru 70s that I wish station wouldn't play than some of the "newer" bands they do play. Then there are older bands that never get any air time, Rare Earth and Chicago come to mind. I hate radio myself, I stream if not actually playing my own CDs, Lps or digital music.

Well out Barry...Classic isn't by time period...and yes, I would out AC/DC in the genre as well as Rare Earth...well we talked about them before...

I would rather hear 3 doors down on the radio than REO Speedwagon!   But again, I don't know very many people that even listen to radio anymore...well, except for sports or talk...



Good comments're spot on regarding AC/DC...But I'm a HUGE Cult fan!

Oh dear I didn't want to really hear that lol.  I have just started doing a two hour Classic Rock Show on the internet and currently working on my 4th show which includes for the very first time some 90s. 

I don't mind AIC or STP or White Zombie. I could do with less REM and Soundgarden though.

What was, is, and and will always be incredibly annoying, from Corporate Conglomerate Classic Rock Radio, is their Consultant Driven insistence on the narrow playlists from each of the Classic Rock bands that have 20-30 classic songs, and not 5-7 songs worthy of repeated airplay.

Unless you're an insipid musical moron, IF you LOVE Led Zeppelin, then you will love hearing "Four Sticks" just as much as hearing "Going To California". But the "expert consultants" would have you believe that playing "Four Sticks" to the core CR audience would have them turning off the channel... 

I'm old enough to remember when FM Rock radio was a "friend" because of the cool music they played, from many different rock genres and bands, and not because they had "cool" contests, "cool" DJ personalities, and "cool" give-aways. The mega-commercial rock "hits" were avoided, for anything that was "cool", from Frank Zappa to Joni Mitchell. 

What annoys me isn't that they're playing 90s music, but the choice of bands they play. (Usually it's grunge, which I'm not a big fan of.) At least half of the classic rock bands were British; but today, contemporary continental rock bands get ignored by US classic rock stations. For example, I've never heard Marillion on the radio, or IQ, or Anekdoten, The Flower Kings, Beardfish, Haken, Big Big Train, etc etc. Some of the most exciting classic rock was made by prog bands - Floyd, Yes, Tull, Rush, Genesis, ELP, King Crimson, Supertramp, etc. I used to hear all these bands on classic rock stations in the early 80s. But today, contemporary prog bands get utterly ignored by classic rock stations. British rock didn't stop being good; Americans just became more closed to the rest of the world.

Just the yesterday I'm listening to the "classic" station here...and they follow a pink floyd tune with,,,Guns and Roses...I turned it off and turned on the MP3 player!


Sorry you didn't like the Dj's choice. You are always welcome to come and request songs you would like to hear at Jfl Radio. Just go to the website at and let the Dj know what you would like to hear in the shoutbox. If it's on auto DJ there is a place to request songs on the left side of the shoutbox for the auto DJ.

                                                Thank You

                                                     DJ Lilbro JFLRadio


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