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I respect the opinions I see on this site, and I love that they can vary so much from person to person. So, with that being said, why, oh why, did England dominate what we call classic rock?

The USA had a huge population advantage, and yet, we saw England churn out incredible acts like The Stones, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc...etc... So why fellow rockers did that island kick our asses so much? I really want to know, and I really look forward to seeing all of your opinions and theories.

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I always thought they were just a lot cooler than we were ;) I do think we are producing better music now. That's just my opinion..  still laughing, i cant believe i posted this :)

The US isn't producing better music now. But the US became more closed, more conservative, more inward looking, less interested in the rest of the world. There's great rock bands to this day in the UK and Europe, but the US isn't interested, and radio stations refuse to play it.

Wow, that was awesome Glen.

Mark thanks but I once wrote like a paper on what was happening here in America & world.I don't know if I would call it blessed or cursed but everyday others share things with me that just make me look at things in a whole different light.i wish I was wrong but to many similarities as well as evidence on what is happening. Soon the internet will be regulated and that will be the beginning & end.Frank zappa was always one of the loudest opponents of censorship & where it could lead.The elite havent had total control but they have enough of it now that the American voices that should be heard the loudest are either demonized or marginalized in some similar fashion ior completely made insignificant with false fabricated plot lines that also confirm that most ofl the so called conspiracy theorists have irrefutable proof that this is the end unless something drastic wakes the sleeping giant the American population up.Foreigners can see it clearer from their outside vantage points looking in. then most Americans living the dream that as George carlin said was rapidly turning into a nightmare.I am going top leave tonight with another Shooter Jennings song that 9 Inch Nails redid because they censored it by not giving it airplay7 another of my favorites if you read the words.i talked to Shooter a few times and he took a chance and almost sacrificed his career to get the message out.have a good evening  !

Amstel yeah they sure did but I was talking about the early 60's it seemed rocks pulse slowed to a crawl here basically while the super English groups invaded our shores Beatles rolling Stones animals dave Clark 5 hermans hermits then the next wave a few years later  Kinks Who etc.Then America rewoke but for the early part of the British invasion I gotta run have a good one

I dont know if I am in the right  place Mark but I  earlier posted in the wrong section.I think that especially after the 50's where  we of course originated rock& roll from boogie woogie blues.Everywhere in the world American roots music such as country blues jazz were the hippest trend.Sadly some of the script writers again driven by whatever their agendas were began their anti rock and roll campaign with 1st the devils music or black music or sissy music.Little Richard with the makeup andf evr wonder where fruit took its notorious meaning Tutti fruitti, These clever  tactics worked somewhat for awhile on a  population that was conditioned like no other before.The so called industrial American empires downfall  coincides very closely with 3 or 4 factors that played a humongous role. The revolution of easy communication 1st with radio then with TV that the elite clearly monopolized and it became not only their best conditioning tool of propaganda here in the states. But also anywhere they control in the modernized world. We still are so challenged as a people & nation.America has averaged a major war every 20 years sadly since the Federal Reserve has deviated everything the USA is about.This campaign put us behind others because they werent only more musically inclined but they embraced our music and took it further along to new heights. The early 60's also were coincidentally our last  great president JFK was assassinated & with him all the genuine chances of liberty& justice for all in all aspects.We were back under our serfdom & the few changes he initiated or planned were either squashed instantly or half heartedly put in place to appease,Lyndon Jonson instantly had his staged attack Gulf of Tonkin  to escalate the Vietnam war.So  I think our war mongering macho manipulated  media  started  mending the masses collective minds with their hyped BS of what it means to be American. England as well as the rest of Europe basically werent as advanced ass the case here in the USA with a TV in every home some had 3 or 4 spewing scat and conditioning the kids for the  war . So we went backwards not only in rock music but any of any of the arts.Ballet as well as most forms of music were considered  not becoming of a man.Remember Little Richard  Tutti fruitti and so on.We as a nation were backwards & sadly still are for many reasons.The early to mid 60's were dominated by England & rightfully so. The other American roots music blues country  jazz thrived. So the UK basicallyy dominated rock until dissent was developing among the youth on our college campuses around the country opposing the war as well as standing up for equal rights and the hippy movement got a hold of many youth & had them questioning the same ugly norms instilled in them.even as I write this half asleep( I dont watch TV at all)  I receive a phone call trying to get my backing on more money to wage the war on terror. music and literature as well as Hollywood are the biggest conditioning tools that are not as effective as before because their are many others like myself that strive to search for real truth.If you want to laugh about rock and its use in propaganda listen to Bill Hicks about the demon rockers without souls that were used by reagan 7 bush so on lol goodnight with a few songs

Hey mark  How about a thread like what happened to so and so or who influenced who aklways gets a good debate started lol


Yi copied and pasted this because it was relative to this thread.Well I made it relative to answer a few at once lol l. My buddy shared a interesting lp that I haven't listened to in a long time that featured a very killer guitarist Mike Bloomfield. Also Buddy Miles and a few others I cant remember at the moment and a different jazzier version of that old zeppelin stanadard I cant quit you babe. he was a another  1 forget him sometimes but hes on so many lps and sadly never really broke out on his own unless a few ventures with the also very legendary .Al Kooper. Kooper  appeared with him on many or produced Whatever happened to Al Kooper? Mike Bloomfield think he started with Paul Butterfield Blues Band  mid 60's sweet home Chicago lol They had some lps that were blues before blues were cool here in the USA.Stones and the UK showed their appreciation way sooner.I think it was mostly a racial thing spawned by the elites spin doctors and imposed on the dumbed down population.Similar to the way they work the masses today.Taj Mahal always speaks and is grateful to the Rolling Stones getting him his biggest exposure that he couldn't get here in the supposedly free land of equality the USA.They somehow got him over to the UK without a passport and had him appear on Rock& Roll Circus which also happened to be Jethro Tulls big break( few months later Hyde park King Crimson's 1st big concert Brian Jones tribute) My take especially with all the things shared with me now is easy to see how the USA was exploited by the elite of the world.They of course helped recolonize industry which catapulted our standard of living years beyond anyone.also can look at it like we sold our souls to the devil on the flip side.Because they needed obeisant workers set up the school system. That may be the reason why most American's cant see past the nose on their face that everything they have lived and died for is an illusion our a better word a controlled and corrupted illusion state.No doubt in my reflections that this was the most clever conditioning of a large population ever.This stystem instilled the conditioning as well as our usage in any world affair we were their bullies to put down any other nation that weren't under their demonic rule.The Federal reserve League of nations later NATO and others are just their world wide evil enforcers of their empire of control at any cost. Now we are rapidly becoming a nation that's infra structure as well as any positive growth in industry or similar is over.They sacrificed us to better take advantage of where labor as well as the resources needs are cheaper to them human life is cheap.They knew for years about how and where they were going to exploit the people.South America China India Pakistan etc..They even cleverly used our (30 years ago) advanced education system to make sure they had teachers scientists  Drs architects developers etc to bring the standard of living up in those basically ignored & neglected countries. Every thing that happens happens for a reason EastSadly put us behind this great genre of music as well beyond just being righteous to our fellow man.i think its so funny when everyone talks all that liberty equal rights justice for all .Like we used to always say justice means Just Us lol.Getting back to Mike I know he died from a heroin OD around the same time Jessie Ed Davis did & maybe even in Redondo or LA ?Buddy Miles did his Changes on the next Electric Flag.This is before the live version that I loved on Band of Gypsys.Thanks I  hadn't heard Electric Flags version of Dixon I cant quit you because the only version the radio plays is Zeppelins sadly. Such a cool change. Hope all is well.I GOT WATER LOL I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT LOLJimi will be my goodnight of the Electric ladland rainy day dream away im having not like ZZ's party on the patio but a party in the shower  good night

mark so Funny talking about dominating I think a better word would be rant or monopolize you awoke my derelict devil demon deviate child of domination Sorry but what in the hell have I done again? Goodnight  Muddy Waters Ko Ko taylorJr Wells  Mike Bloomfield Johnny Winter Nick Graventiets Dr John Buddy Miles & a cast of rockers.This is the real deal.Rockers showing their respect admiration for the Muddy man of the blues.

Thanks Jay, i came right back at ya with 1 of my favorites.Sadly Jimmie Rogers died before it was released.He started out in Muddys earl Chicago band until breaking off in the 50's ona solo thing.About your Muddy refresh me dude on  Nick Graventes I know he was in Paul Butterfield Blues band lineup but what else was he on.He played on a lot more ? I just cant place him on my turntable at the moment unless its Paul butterfield dude so have some mercy on my old wet brain (playing in the shower to long again) lol.I love this man send more & Im coming right back at ya.This is one of my favorite tributes Jimmie Rodgers Chicago Al-stars with some of my favorites.Mick jagger Keith  Richards taj mahal JLowell fulson eff Healey eric Clapton Led Zeppelins robert Plant jimmie Page Stephen stills

Boy is that a good question!! I've always wondered about this myself.!  you would probably have to ask someone that was in the Music business in Britain at that time.  I know a lot of British musicians and singers were influenced by Little Richard and Elvis and Bill Haley and the like.


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