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Being a classic rock music lover like myself, I am always looking to find new music in the style of classic rock and to share it with other fans like the readers of the site. So I thought I would put together a quick discussion to reveal my favorites and to find out everyone elses too.


Here are some of my favorite newer classic rock inspired bands, and who they sound like:

- The Raconteurs (Jack White's band, with definite Led Zeppelin and The Who influence)
- The Black Crowes (still going strong, southern blues rock at its best)
- Wolfmother (another immitator of Led Zeppelin, with Doors influence too)
- Them Crooked Vultures (obvious Led Zeppelin influence due to John Paul Jones in the lineup)
- The Black Keys (very bluesy, Allman Brothers influenced at times)

And a special mention to newer bands:

- Black Country Communion (with John Bonham on the drums! - check them out here)
Big Bang (great new Norwegian band with huge Led Zeppelin influence - check them out here
- Rival Sons (awesome new South Cali based classic rock influenced band - check them out here)
- White Wizzard (shades of Rush, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden - check them out here)


So those are mine... what are your favorite newer classic rock inspired bands? Please comment below and let's get a great discussion started! I will add your favorites to this list too.

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Duane Betts.  Son of Allman Brother, Dickey.  

I really like 3 doors down.  They are closely related to Skynrd.  Also, don't discount the Pearl Jam links to the Who.  Eddie Vetter tells everyone that they heavily influenced him.  And, they play really well in their own right.


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