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Now this is a tough one... what are everyone's 3 favorite Led Zeppelin albums?

Here are my top 3 Led Zeppelin albums and reasons why:

1: Houses of the Holy - an under-rated classic, with 4 of my personal favorites: Over The Hills and Far Away, The Ocean, Rain Song and Song Remains the Same. Every song is A-Grade Zep on this album - not sure why it doesn't get the full attention and acclaim it deserves.

2: Led Zeppelin II - if you ask me, this album is slightly better than Led Zep I, with a similar raw, powerful sound. Personal highlights of this for me are What is and Should Never Be, Ramble On and Bring it On Home. Again, every song on this album is amazing.

3: Led Zeppelin III - I prefer this album to IV and I, just because it highlights how diverse their sound can be, and it contains one of my most favorite songs - Since I've Been Lovin' You. Physical Graffiti would have been my third favorite if it was condensed down to one CD/vinyl though.

Now let's hear other Led Zep fans top three Led Zep albums...

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I really like Led Zeppelin I. It's gotta be my first. Number 2 would be Led Zeppelin IV. Just an amazing album. There's all kinds of diversity on that album, it really shows the range the band had. Then, number 3 would probably be Led Zeppelin II.
1st would be Physical Grafitti, for the diversity, volume, and quality of music. 2nd is II for the power and growth of the band, still really blues-based music but showing their willingness to try something a little different. 3rd is Coda. That one shows that Zep was a lot more than what radio programmers would have you believe with their played-out selections. Besides, "Bonzo's Montreaux" is a way better composition than "Moby Dick" and a fitting tribute to Mr. Bonham.
Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin, and In Through the Out Door. Equally diverse, but they still pull it off.
Led Zeppelin I, II and III. :D
Mine are Led Zeppelin 1,2, and 3 the best ever.

Cant find a top 3. Just have to say I've never bought any of the compilations (outside the first remaster boxes and the DVD.) BBC Sessions is best in the complete EV unofficial version (surprise, surprise...)


I will say the underrated albums Presence, HOTH and ITTOD need to be rated up!


It was Presence that I let Jimmy consecrate with his autograph so it may be that Presence is the numero uno of numero unos. Not bad for a country singer in a wheelchair...


New boot shows are good. 7 June 77 in NYC with a fantastic (best performance of this tour I've heard of Achilles...) The new last night in Japan 71 board is well worth the bandwidth as well...

LZ - II , Houses of the Holy, LZ- III.

Tough choice..

This one is tough.  But mine, in no particular order, is In Through The Out Door, Houses of the Holy and the third is a tie between IV and II.  I know I should just pick one but I don't want to.  They are all friggin' awesome!!!!

1. Led Zeppelin II ~ I am a rocker and this album is full of rockers. I tested my rockin speakers to see if they were in stereo with "What Is And What Should Never Be". As well as the song blasted by American Soldiers in Vietnam- "Whole Lotta Love". And the Worlds greatest Bass track on "The Lemon Song". All tracks are truely classic.

2. Presence ~ Jimmy Page's personal favorite! 'nuff said! OK, I'll add a bit more. Zeppelins most unsung album IMHO. It opens with a genuine epic in "Achille's Last Stand" 10.5 minutes of pure brilliance. "Nobody's Fault But Mine" has a great combo of Page's guitar solo and Plant's harmonica solo. What makes this album especially great is that Plant had to sing all the songs while sitting on a sofa, as he recovered from a car accident.  An album with 6 of the 7 tracks written by Page/Plant.

3. Physical Grafitti ~ Featuring the song Robert Plant said was the seminal Zeppelin song in "Kashmir", some of the songs were a few years older and added to the album to make it a double album. Also, has what may be my all time fave Zep track "In My Time Of Dying", their longest studio track and some amazing drums by Bonzo! A great eclectic mix of songs from rockers (Trampled Underfoot) to kinda trippy (In The Light). And cool celebs in the windows on the building on the cover!

Actually Zeppy, Mr Plant was in a wheelchair while singing Achilles. Then he went and fell out of it... (He will no douby remark that he's nearly ready to climb back in the thing...)


I'll go with the Box set, How The West Was Won and the BBC Sessions... (yeah, I know I'm cheating.)



Aha! I sit corrected (as I am sitting down, myself), uduwudu! Thanks for correcting me!

my top 3 with no specific order would be (for now, it changes every month or so):


Led Zeppelin I, II and Houses of the holy


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