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Deep Purple are one of those classic rock bands that doesn't get enough credit or air play apart from their huge hit, 'Smoke on the Water'. One of my personal favorite Deep Purple songs is 'Highway Star' - see the great video version of this above - I just love the mesmerizing organ and groovy bass line. But what are everyone else's favorite Deep Purple songs and albums?

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i don't think you're sounding cliche .Machine head is an excellent album.
I absolutely agree. It's a great album!
hell yeah ,Space trucking is awesome . knocking at your bakc door is also a great song .
there are also many songs that i rarely hear at all on the radio .such as perfect strangers ,and the address ,mandrake root ,as well as manty others .almost everyone's heard of highway star ,hush , and smoke on the water .though there is so much more to them than that ,they have a rich catalogue of songs.
Everything the band recorded from 68-76, 84-87,93' to the present are terrific releases, minus slaves and masters. MK I with legendary Nick Simplaer later off Warhorse and the mighty Rod Evans, later of Captain Beyond, who is now avery successfull Beveraly Hilla, CA plastic surgeon!!!! Blrw my mind...three albums, within 18 months time..before ascking Simpler and Evans....the painter, the bird has flown, all time fav..mandrake root...shit man, that is some early hard rock at it's est...the MK II lineup is my fav. as many of you may agree..In Rock just blew the decade of the 1970s ope n with it's protype of early metal sound....fireball extended the in rock vibes and machine head summed up why Purple was superior to every othre hard rock band at that time of it's release in 1972. Who do we thik we are really reflected the animosity between Blackmore and Gillan in 1973, with Gillan hitting the road after the Japan tour that asme summer...come late 1973 unkown Coverdale is i nthe fold with Glen annoying Huges, the funk master...the promoter of shoe shine music that evetualy led to Blackmore quittinghis own band, with greater visions of early Rainbow with Dio noterity....Burn and Stormbringer had some classic material on it, but the begning of he first end was in sight with those annoyin Huges funk influenced "rock" songs...Come taste the band ended o n a high note, like Bolin's herion addiction , it had it molments but the band was 75' really..76 withuunk kicking ass globaly, purple were temp. washed up..come 1984 perfect strangers blew my mind that your was amazing, so loud...I thught purple would last forever with mk II, I was foolish..weknowthe rest of the sorted tale...!
I was watching Deep Purple Live with the London Symphony Orchestra. Just thought it was really cool to see them with a full orchestra behind them. They did a version of Pictures of Home that actually gave me chills! Anyway, just thought it was pretty neat!


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