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Post your requests here for Waxtrax Radio or Just stop by and chat with friends..



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Thanks Karen great idea and looks awesome!
Waxtrax Radio
Waxtrax Radio "Listen Here"
Members can request at anytime any song/group that they would like to hear on the station at anytime here.
Got something you want to hear by your favorite Progressive Rock Band?
Maybe some King Crimson, Gentle Giant.... let me know!
If I don't have it maybe you'd like to send it to me for airplay.
Proglosophy Group Song Requests Link
You can also make requests in chat here or by posting your favorites!
I will be working on a radio show for this as well once I find out what are the best times for listeners.

btw that was a request to hear some floyd  and not sure how background topic got in there :) 

Awesome Graffix Karen!
I would like to be able to do so w the background but I don't think that is an option on the group page as rich had mentioned but YES!

thx, yeah, found it... whatever we have what we have :)

very cool!

thx Rich. I appreciate your input :)

Holy hell Karen you are quite the productive gal!

When you put your mind on something you sure follow through! I didn't even know that player could be embedded as such!
Perfect for doing the requests deal etc...  Off this group.
You Rock

its fun - no problem -  i was so happy when it worked :) i love to have music playing :)

Just added a link to the Proglosophy group to my website in hopes to pull more people into this site!
Check it out

nice work ;)

Nice Karen
Getting ready for a little Canoe trip up north tomorrow!

Ohh, that sounds great.. Enjoy your time :)


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