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Rush - now there is a band who don't generally get much attention in the classic rock world. No one can deny Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee's amazing talent - but how do they rate against the power house classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones? Some say rush are musical genius, others argue they are lack diversity. Your thoughts?

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and neil peart (drummer),i was always amazed that only 3 dudes could make so many different sounds.
Geniuses. As simple as that. And when Rich Page mentions Alex and Geddy he simply ignores the best of the bests, Neil Peart. Do they lack diversity? What can be said about the similarities of YYZ, Panacea, Xanadu, Time Stand Still, Roll the Bones? Hey, they are geniuses!
Definitely genius. They've been together for over 35 years and more than 20 studio albums (and I've lost track of the number of live albums), and they always sound new and innovative. There's no one particular sound where you hear something and say "that sounds like something else they've done." So many bands, like AC/DC or ZZ Top, it only takes a few licks and you know who it is.
Well you would almost have to seperate them into unique type of classic rock like Yes and Floyd. They were not meant to compare to the major music changing impact Zep for example had; progressive rocks aim was different. Genius without any question, but you have to be one to like very complex thoughtful rock which is just not very mainstream of course. I just happen to get off on it! You have to admit they have a worldwide cult like loyal base unlike most any band.
I think Rush was and still is an incredible group and to top it off they seem like 3 really cool guys when interviewed..... just normal down to earth people. Some of those albums really bring back memories esp. Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Signals, 2112. Never saw them live but that concert film of them in Germany a few years back was absolutely incredible. Alex and Geddy are amazing but Neil is the man esp. that drum solo!!!
As far as comparing them to Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones those two are great but in a more straight ahead way. This is prog/power rock with an adrenalin pulse. Interesting and refreshing political take from Neil's lyrics too. Not to many bands you can say that about then and now. Esp. The Trees what a cool song!!! Genius in my book!!!
im definately gonna have 2 go with genius. Lets compare them to some of our favorite classic rock bands, shall we? The Who in the 70's (which is when pretty much everyone loved them most), Roger Daltrey and Geddy Lee have quite a bit in common. Roger and Geddy both have very powerful voices that definately add on to how much the songs rock. Alex Lifeson and Pete Townshend both are very good guitar players and both really bring it on. Keith Moon and Neil Peart both have the percussional talent of a god!!!!!! Classic Rock pretty much is... Guitar solos, drum solos, and powerful lyrics. Bands like The Who, Rush, Led Zeppelin, and the Doors all have those elements. So... yeah. In my book, Rush is a classic rock band.
Rush overrated? haahaa.... not even. Music critics back in the 70's were scared to death of bands they couldn't fit in a box. Songs that broke new ground, overran time limits.... Lee's vocals and a trio of true rock integrity that wasn't scared of the press or the potential of the guitars, keyboards and drums they played. Rush opened a Pandora's box of sound that won't be closed for a very long time. I imagine a century from now, young people will be discovering the golden rock era of our time, from the 60's forward and loving what they hear. I'd love to be around by then to hear what is being created and called rock.

Absolute genius!

Yup! And to top it off, even though they went through a bit of a rough phase in the mid to late 80's (although there are a few good tracks even then, but to many keyboard synthesizers for my taste) they've made up for it with every release since then. And they have cajones to do what they did with 2112, which is one of the greatest albums ever in my opinion. Its probably in my top 10.

no question. Rush couldn't be better. definatly genius



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