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Is The Allman Brothers at "Fillmore East" the Greatest Live Album of All Time

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Sitting in the studio for the first time unwrapping the plastic from the album, I knew I was in for a true night of Rock and Roll. Placing the needle on side one I was going to spotlighting one of America's Greatest Live Bands...without and commercial breaks...
Humple Pie's Fillmore LP was a excellent album, but I always felt the Allman Brothers Album really (at the time brought Fillmore to the mainstream). Just my Humble Pie opinion.
I agree, Classic Rock would not be what is without Zep even in the beginning.
It's my daily listening:) My mantra! You don't love great.....don't keep me wonderin'.....done somebody wrong!
A near tie with Get Your Ya Ya's out by The Stones,..but the Stones win by a nose,...still,..they are both miles above any other live albums.
Get yer ya ya's out is great.....but nothing compares to Fillmore East is the TOPS!
It's one great CD
You are so right:) Think I'll give it a listen right now!
agree completely, have u checked out the DVD from their show in '91 at the greatwoods - i was at the show and it was incredible
No haven't seen it yet! I will put it on my list:)

You are all sooo right.  The best LIVE album of all time...

I'm so old that I remember seeing the ORIGINAL band in 1969 in Charleston SC in my freshman year in college...

The Allman's would have to win over Ya Yas in my book. The Fillmore lp is strong through out while as much as I love The Stones lp it does have some weak points in my book, I do skip songs. Love the Humble Pie Fillmore lp too and now it too is expanded! Staying with the Fillmore, the Derek & The Dominoes/Live at The Fillmore is my favorite Clapton live album. Other faves off top of my head are FREE/LIVE, James Gang/Carnegie Hall, Johnny Winter/Captured, The WHO/Leeds, Guess Who/Paramount... uh... Skynyrd...Deep Purple...           uhm CREAM!

ABB/ Atlanta Pop too


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