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Frank Zappa On Freedom Of Speech (CNN Crossfire 1986 - Pt. 1)

Frank Zappa On Freedom Of Speech (CNN Crossfire 1986 - Pt. 1)

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Comment by Glen Pfab on October 6, 2013 at 6:31pm

The man God what the F- happened.We get these Lady gagas and Justin Biebers  preachers political scum etc sprouting up all around us I cant get away even on the internet they trespass on my sanity and Franks gone What the f happened? I lost thousands over a so called pornographic cartoon cover and fighting the powers that be over a cartoon cover that didn't even show anything.It was the Fing principle Just like again not betraying whats right by refusing to buy another Microsoft Word program. Monopolizing everything  you don't have much left their even gonna monopolize your kids Where in the F do they whomever comes up with the sh.. they f-ing do and its getting worse A nation of F-ing blissfully ignorant that don't have a F-ing clue and I love Frank and what he stood up for even going to jail for a recording of moans supposedly pornographic.USA is lost we are losing everything including our kids by the pied pipers and most of you are more concerned about the 40 million dollar BJ then all the innocent people losing their lives or the constitution that is rapidly disappearing as you watch Cops or some f-ing reality show cheaters or whatever stuffing your fat f-ing faces but find time to find fault in everyone but yourselves or the Fing people that are screwing you.This isn't meant to anyone whos cool but all the ignorant fools who let this crap get this far you should be disgraced as I am & I am just because Im a fing American even though Ive fought forever to get anybody to realize the reality of it all If you can just turn your TVs off for a Fing  day and get reality for once in your lives  Im tired good night

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