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I am your captain (closer to home) by grand funk railroad, off their closer to home album. I dont own this song or the album cover

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Comment by Glen Pfab on August 31, 2013 at 12:05pm

That was cool I could find your comments at your site i cant find anything at mine lol lol wow that 1 stumped me for a moment the contacts I didnt know if or what you meant sometimes my mind is like in another dimension or something lolI got to get back out there this other roof has a lot of wood that needs rep[laced Im trying to build a house with garbage sometimes lol Like the song king of the road am man by means with no means king of the road lol

Expert Rocker
Comment by karen (karlee) on August 31, 2013 at 8:11am

Glen, just read your comment here. Sounds like you have a mess to clean up there. Can't you find a couple teenagers eager to make a little extra cash for work. I know that most of them eager to get in trouble. I found a couple of brothers in their 20's and they will do anything for me. Work cheap and give me most of the supplies.. They are polite and I am very fortunate I found them.. btw i need to put my contacts in before i post. lol 3rd try to get this one right ;)

Expert Rocker
Comment by karen (karlee) on August 31, 2013 at 8:06am

Listened to a lot of grand funk in my life. One of my best friends couldn't get enough of them. She played the same songs over and over again. Believe it or not - never got sick of them. Nice share. 

Comment by Glen Pfab on August 28, 2013 at 6:44am

eah Ive listened to Chris Duarte but only a few songs so thanks I will have to check back into him & his work.That Lightning Hopkins was one Im happy a friend told me about.Music is with me always & every thing during the course of the day reminds me of it.Anyone that is put into the Jimi SRV type of class is someone that I need to check into.Just like Gerrry here he loves all the same as we do so that always is a good start for a musician or a wanna be 1 like me lol The kid will be here tomorrow I look forwarsd to talking to him I already got him a over 50 lp collection his lesson in Glenguitaology I wuish it mattered Remember Jeff had that becology. Wow thats messed up about Carlols mother & thats cool that you 2 are willing to sacrifice your selves & make arrangements to help the mother out.hanover where is that at? Now at the moment I would imagine it put a real damper on your lives but In the end especially for Carol she will always know that she did whatever she could for her ma.I know many times in my life I regretted things that are still with me today.Even a simple I love you because it could very well be the last chance one gets to say that.I'm not going into 1 of my stories save that for another day lol I cant wait until the kid is here I guess he reallykeep getting stood up worse then when I was a teenager in love by my supposed help lol The building inspector told me yesterday about the mess.Its not the same asshole that came over here like a gangbuster or something that I almost got into it with.i promised Id at least clean up out in front.Well I may just do my own facing I got a saw and determination but no skills lol Because all the about 20 sq shingles is in front & Ed wants that moved.Ive already moved it and if I could get the facing done I could put them side things back up on the porch& hide the shingles behind and then whoever helps could pass them up the porch rooh then up to the main Thats what gets me in trouble I think to much and my strateggys never materialize as planned because if they wouldve I wouldnt be killing myself with this house Id be killing myself a better way having fun being a rock star or something lol maybe in my next life I sent this it just came on the radio my favorite from Mark farner& Grand Funk well they had a few songs that were staples that arent staples anymoore so i can listen to them lol Closer to home is still relevant to myself.I am I can feel the money pit of this house tightening its grip on my throat Im gasping for air my supposed help are killing me  lol Now wWhile my Guitar gently weeps Im a aweeping lol have a good one

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