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Why is it that todays artists just don't have the staying power of the great bands of the 60's and 70's ie Zeppelin, Doors, Who, Stones, Hendrix etc?
Why do currently we live in a "what have you done for me lately" music universe.

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Personally, I would have to say they just dont have the heart and they all sound the same. I suppose it might be the children these days as well, they cant make up their own mind, changing everyday. One thing that I have noticed about Classic Rock fans is that once you get into the genre, you are hooked, I have seen people aquire new tastes, but I have yet to notice anyone not being interested anymore. Another thing, Do you really want the bands these days to last?
More choices - like it or not record companies paid radio stations to play their records (payola) Print media was adult orientied, there was no FM, no VHI , no free papers, no underground
They are trying for one hit sort of thing, rather than a whole album.
I've read about this too. There's a guy named Bob Lefsetz who has a blog and he's pretty right on about the music business. He made the same observation. Making an album isn't the motivation in a lot of cases nowadays.


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