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What was your favorite poster you had hanging up when you were a kid. Mine was Ace and his smoking guitar. Any faves out there?

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I had the 4 KISS posters from the solo albums in a nice neat jigsaw.

Thin Lizzy - 81 Renegade Tour

AC/DC - Angus obviously

Lita Ford - for a bit of light relief !!

Yep, I had a lita fetish for awhile as well. I really liked her as a guitarist. I had a concert where she was playing a B.C Rich double-neck guitar. And I'm like damn that weighs about 25 lbs plus that rack she had, I'm surprised she didn't have back problems.

I found this one inside Eagles Live at a local record store.

Yes! I went through a Black Light phase when I was 15 and I had these really wicked Jim Morrison, Alice In Wonderland, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix black light posters and had all these black lights every where...they looked so cool! Ya, I was definitely born a few years too late! lol!  

Wow, you reminded me. one of my walls had blacklight posters. Elton John, Stones, a black stallion on a mountain top and a skull. I had the 18" black light on them as well.

Man....I was a KISS Freak when I was a Kid, So I had All KISS POSTERS on my wall as a Kid. KISS was my first concert I was 12 years old at that time.....

I had a Beatles album poster for years....had the Skynyrd Street Survivor poster WITH the flames...gave it to a friend some years ago.....  I have presently two great Pink Floyd banners....from The Wall and the iconic album cover of DSOTM decorating one wall of my music room....  always the music from one end of my lil ole house or the other...


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