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So...Tell me have you ever been Disappointed by a Classic Rock Band or Artist after seeing them play Live ?...Maybe they just didn't sound good Live or just didn't live up to all the Hype....Let us know who it was..... 

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Well, I'm hoping that Ian Anderson is still singing OK as Iv'e heard that he's had problems with his voice, I'll be seeing Jethro Tull in April, I'll let you all know how it went.

Only once.  Back in the 70s, we went to see The Moody Blues.  Much of their music has orchestral backing and at that time, they did not bring an orchestra with them, nor did they have backing tracks.  The result was a less than full sound.  Saw them again in 2009 and, with today's technology, the show was so MUCH better.  I would say Spectacular, even. :-D

Rod Stewart ALWAYS put on a good show and we have seen him at least a dozen times.  This wasn't disappointing, per se, but, it was obvious that he wasn't feeling so well during one concert, in the mid 90s.  He spent most of it sitting down!  Very unusual, as his performances are normally so energetic.  We had a good time, regardless. 

I guess my biggest disappointment was a live performance by Steely Dan on the Countdown to Ecstacy tour, Tampa Stadium, May 26, 1973. 

The sound wasn't that great and, as I understand it, Donald Fagen had a real aversion to live performance in those days. Denny Dias took on the role of lead singer and the sound was much different. 

Yeah I had heard that he had a problem playing live for some reason.....I've always liked STEELY DAN....I've collected all their music....and I guess the one CD of theirs that I play yhe most is The "AJA" CD.....I like The whole album....Great Music


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