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In the second of exclusive Classic Rockers Network polls, you can now vote for your favorite classic rock album of all time! Which album is your favorite? Is it one of the classics like Led Zeppelin IV, Dark Side of The Moon or Abbey Road, or is it a less commercial album like Astral Weeks or Back in Black?

Well its time to make your album vote count in the official Greatest Classic Rock Album of all Time poll below!

Click here to vote now!

The Details:
- You can only vote once - pretty tough I know!
- I have limited it to my definition of classic rock albums (ruled out albums from the 50s and 90's).
- Keep checking back to see which album becomes number 1!

Take part in the greatest classic rock album of all time poll!

Enjoy, spread the word, and discuss these great albums below!

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Abbey Road!! This has always been a real hard question. Next month it could be Zeppelin 3 or Get yer Ya yas out. But Bottom line, for masterpieces it has to be Abbey Road. Why I call it a masterpiece is the way they infused many of the songs into one, but kept them as separate tracks. Just brilliance throughout!! Peace RJ
I totally agree, man.
Dark Side of the Moon - just the epitome of a timeless inspiration - I think the stat's also show it's universal appeal and longevity.
Do you believe in the rumor of Dark Side of the Moon Being written to the movie Wizard of Oz? I have seen it many times, and I must admit that there are some coincidences going on. Does anyone feel the same? Peace RJ
Led Zep all the wayyy man!!! :)
Well said.
There are two albums that had a similar effect on me - "Live at Leeds" and "Dark Side of the Moon". When I heard them for the first time I had never heard anything like them before. The first listen gave me goose bumps. But if I have to settle on one, the edge goes to Pink Floyd.
Rolling Stones - Between the Buttons - rock at the core
I'd say Sgt. Pepper's other album blazed a trail quite like that one! Tremendous change followed in rock music right after. Rock 'N Roll was never the same. But there are a lot of others, I just feel that one album changed so much of popular music after that it cannot be ignored.
no contest........."exile on main st." -the rolling stones

"got to scrape that sh*t right off your shoes"

"the sunshine bores the daylights outta me"

"yes i am nitty, gritty and my shirt's all torn, but i would love to spill the beans with you 'til dawn"

"joe's gotta cough, said it's kinda rough, yeah and the codiene'll fix prescribes, drugstore supplies, who's gonna help you to kick it"

"hey now baby, i'll be right outside, you can be my partner in crime"

"never wanna be like poppa, workin for the boss every night and day"

"wanna raise hell at the union hall, drive my self right upa the wall"

King Crimson, In the Court of the Crimson King



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