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There are some pretty good current modern day rock bands, for example, Radiohead, Muse and Kings of Leon. But let me tell you there are so many TERRIBLE rock bands out there right now. My personal WORST CURRENT ROCK BANDS are the following:

- The Killers (winey, and rip off too many other styles)
- Death Cab for Cutie (can't stand his voice, very uninspiring music)
- Staind (completely unoriginal - sound like nickelback - very boring)
- Keane (these guys are just so dull its not even funny)
- Linkin Park (they try WAY to hard to be cool, and don't succeed)

Lets discuss! What are everyone's worst current rock bands? Reply below...

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Yeah, you're right! I see you've only involved yourself in ONE. Let's talk.......
Hey Rich I just spoke with Abe Linkin and Gordan Parks and they only had nice things to say about you and this site.

Hahaha!! YES!!

Rich- Notice Death Cab's in your list. I don't really care for their music, but you've gotta love that they're named after a Beatles reference.

Actually, "Death Cab for Cutie" was a song by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, recorded in 1967 for their debut album, Gorilla.

One band that I was big on when they came out was The Bravery. I also enjoy Ok Go. There's just too much garbage coming out these days.
OH MAN! I Have A Huge List On That One? Red Hot Chillie peppers, Pear Jam. Nervana, I Think That Is How You Spell It? Please CurectedMe If I Am Wroung? I Can Go On And On Of Band's I Hate.
thirty eight special worst band
I hate to pick on Rock when Rap has destroyed even what the definition of what music is. Rap musicians and I hate to even call them musicians, take other bands music and remix it and take the credit. My friend promoted a show that had "Afro man" the band didn't have any instruments, just a bunch of guys on stage jumping around playing prerecorded songs. I think Hendrix was rolling in his grave.
right on!!! and rap songs are usually about stupid shit in the first place! it makes my ears hurt
And those guys were rolling fatties backstage.
Alright, let's not be too judgmental here. While I myself am not a huge fan of rap, I will admit there is some good underground stuff out there. My friends are studio musicians/record producers and they just got asked to play as the live band behind an up and coming Chicago rap artist at Milwaukee's Summerfest.

Now, while most popular rap tends to be about "bitches and hos", which I certainly disapprove of, there is some genuinely good poetry that some lesser-known artists produce.

That's just my two cents...


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