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One of the greatest drummers in rock history & a member of one of the greatest bands in rock history will finally get his due with his former bandmates as a solo artist.  The RNRHOF only gets it right every once in a while nowadays because Madonna doesn't belong there at all. Ringo deserves the honors for his contributions.  Long live the Beatles.

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I agree about Ringo..long overdue but Green Day??? and Joan Jett???..while Steve Miller still gets overlooked.

Got tix to see Ringo in February!!

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has become anything but The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. I guess they have caved to the pressure of being PC. They should change the name to The Pop Music Hall Of Fame. I don't even think it's much of an honor anymore, to the fans that is. Maybe to the artists. The same can be said about Hard Rock Café. The first time I visited the Hard Rock in Memphis we were seated at the Janet Jackson display. In Memphis.

The alleged R&RHOF is a joke...and has been for years.  I know one guy in it...he says it's a joke too...and the bands have to pay $25K fee to get in...ANY HOF that doesn't have Jethro Tull or Deep Purple is not worth having...

I'm with you Barry!

I have no interest in visiting the Hall of Fame and believe me I love classic rock n' roll but the current inductee's Iisted is watered down, should be the cream of the cream in the spectrum of rock..not some pop idol or some two hit wonder. I didn't know bands had to pay $25K to get in...that's crap if you ask me. Sorry but I will pass.

The Beatles as a group - each as an individual and Brian Epstein - Hollywood Walk of Fame also has the five stars


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