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We all have varying tastes in music and we all listen to different artists, what have you been listening to today? I have just listened to Kris Kristofersson - The Anderson Tapes followed by Pink Floyd - Animals.

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Just following up on the Peter Gabriel set a page or two ago. Can't mention his music without his best track (IMHO):

This version is particularly fabulous. Please note the bassist's 'funky fingers'!

If we're on the Deep Purple topic, what about their new album "Now What?". Any thoughts?

 I haven't heard it yet but I'd like to ..I'll give it a listen!

Well I'm listening to Chicago since the video at Tanglewood was posted. If you're like me and you need a little more Chicago fix Listen to this from Fillmore West '69

New Starship. Whatcha think?

i like ;) thx for posting Barry. Would like to hear this performed live. 

Click HERE to see fantastic video of The Edgar Winter Group-featuring Ronnie Montrose. They are playing "Keep Playing That Rock and Roll".  Embedding is disabled so couldn't share this in video listings. One bit of trivia, Edgar's band in this video are all deceased. RIP.


Hi Everyone!  I'm taking a short Break from listening to Yes and I'm now listening to "Disrealli Gears" by Cream!!  Each song is so different from the next...I remember listening to this when I was in 9th never hear songs like THIS anymore!!

wow great choice!...I really like the Kinks!...they were a great Band!

I spent most of yesterday (Tuesday) listening to "Remasters" the six album vinyl box set. Never heard it continuously before I've always played just one record. It made fascinating listening.


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