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Not been here this is my first discussion topic.....

As a young lady of Classic Rock I often get the piss taken out of me for my choice in music.

How do some of you......I'll go with "Wiser" folk feel about the attitudes of younger generations towards classic rock. Attitudes of those that approve and those that don't

Nic xx

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Can't see why anyone would take the mickey, 'to each their own'!  It seems that there are an awful lot of young kids joining us "wiser" folk in liking the classic rock groups and their music; I went to a live music place here in Sunderland recently where a group were covering Led Zeppelin (amazingly well) and they were singing along to all the songs! so things are looking good.    Just hoping that 'Rap' burns itself out soon though!  Sorry, but I can't stand it, it's far too arrogant and intimidating, I find it too much hard work to listen to.  Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, just keep rockin'! \m/

"I find it too much hard work to listen to"


Never heard it described like that before. I must use that line.

Well I like to think that Classic Rock Music eventually brings all ages together....Just like my own sons when they were teens and even pre-teens they would listen to me playing classic rock of the 60's & 70's. And they would like the music to the point where they wanted to learn about the bands history.....And as for me well...I've found myself listening and dicovering new bands that my son's are into....So What I have seen is that It pretty much all comes full circle,which I think is why there will always be CLASSIC ROCK.

Ohh! Thank you Ethan, Phew!  My faith in the younger generation is returning!

Keep on rockin'  \m/

those that don't will miss a whole life time of great stuff and those that do will come away noing what great music is


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