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What is your favorite solo classic rock artist album of all time? And by that I mean someone who was in a classic rock band and then went solo. Tough one... for me, 461 Ocean Blvd by Eric Clapton is certainly up there! Lots of good Robert Plant solo albums too...


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I looove Black Sabbath and do remember when Ozzy left/got fired or whatever and I remember also how excited I was when he came back with Blizzard of Ozz! Just an all around bad ass album! 


Don Henley - Building the Perfect Beast

Paul McCartney - Band On the Run

That was with Wings.

Good catch!

Yeah, but unless the solo artist is standing there by him/herself there gonna have a band with them. In this case Paul McCartney just puts the bands name title in it.

...For me it would be Ozzy Osbourne's Diary of a Madman...

...I believe the question was referring to solo albums released by artists that were members of bands...

I like a lot of Knopfler's solo stuff.

Harvest by Neil Young is also one of my favorites. The cool thing is that the album features Nash,Stills and Crosby on backing vocals. 

Pete Townshends Who Came First

The Joe Perry Project.  "Let The Music Do The Talkin" also Joe Walsh "Barnstorm"


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