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Being a classic rock music lover like myself, I am always looking to find new music in the style of classic rock and to share it with other fans like the readers of the site. So I thought I would put together a quick discussion to reveal my favorites and to find out everyone elses too.


Here are some of my favorite newer classic rock inspired bands, and who they sound like:

- The Raconteurs (Jack White's band, with definite Led Zeppelin and The Who influence)
- The Black Crowes (still going strong, southern blues rock at its best)
- Wolfmother (another immitator of Led Zeppelin, with Doors influence too)
- Them Crooked Vultures (obvious Led Zeppelin influence due to John Paul Jones in the lineup)
- The Black Keys (very bluesy, Allman Brothers influenced at times)

And a special mention to newer bands:

- Black Country Communion (with John Bonham on the drums! - check them out here)
Big Bang (great new Norwegian band with huge Led Zeppelin influence - check them out here
- Rival Sons (awesome new South Cali based classic rock influenced band - check them out here)
- White Wizzard (shades of Rush, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden - check them out here)


So those are mine... what are your favorite newer classic rock inspired bands? Please comment below and let's get a great discussion started! I will add your favorites to this list too.

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OK... when you realize most classic rock bands were very progressive...easily ID'ed by the music they played, they set the bar for future classic rockers.... and you'll find that only in the progressive rock ranks. IMHO, bands of the last 20 years such as Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Mostly Autumn, Radiohead, Tool.....and those are just some of many that I like....are the true brand carriers of classic rock. Some bands such as Rush, Aerosmith and Yes (in their varying lineups) continue today with the same intelligence and craftsmanship of rock music they've always been known for. It's a challenge to find today's rock music that makes you want to buy the whole album. And therein lies the rub. You'll buy great rocknroll albums, you will know them when you hear them and download the one or two alternative songs from an album destined for the radio station archives.. thank goodness for the internet!!
Here's some that I like:

Black Country Communion
Black Stone Cherry
Kings Of Leon
I get a lot of my new music from streaming SomaFM, an independent, non-profit radio station based out of San Francisco. I listen to the "Indie Pop Rocks" station. It's free and keeps me current with the new stuff. Subscribe to it on iTunes! There's a lot of great new, indie rock coming out, much in the style of classic rock. Here are a few:

Brian Jonestown Massacre (modern psychedelic band influenced by The Beatles, The Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan)
The Duke Spirit (Leila Moss is slightly reminiscent of Ann Wilson from Heart)
Coral Sea (Heart)
M. Ward (almost like Johnny Cash and Neil Young, very 60's folk)
Blitzen Trapper is another REALLY good band with Bob Dylan influences.

I am the lead guitar player in the indie rock band Fade To Black. We are based in Lansing, MI. We describe our music as "Modern Original Classic Rock". Our band is influenced by The Who, The Clash, Iggy Pop, and so many other great bands from the Classic Rock era.

We just played a show with a Rush and KISS tribute band. It was an awesome night because we were able to play to fans who love Classic Rock, so they really appreciated our original songs.


We released a new album in June 2010 called, "Black Is Back". It's available on iTunes and Amazon. We are in the process of mixing a live album coming out soon, and we are recording songs in the studio for a new album coming out in mid 2011.


If you have a chance, check out our web site at


Thanks, Eldon McGraw.

rival sons  are great liked there ep free with classic rock mag liked the album saw them twice at hih voltage fes tight band great sound everyone should check them out
I went to see Black Country Comunion back in June(that would be Jason Bonham on the drums)and they were awesome...Glen Hughes is a great frontman and Joe Bonamassa can and will play anything Highly recomended...I also saw Chickenfoot when they were touring behind their first record really just a great bunch of guys with nothing to prove and having a great time...the music and showmanship was outstanding...can't wait for the new record to come out...
I've always been a Big Fan of The Grateful Dead ,So that being said I like all the new Jam Bands that have come out. I'm a Fan of The Black Crowes,The Black Keys,Blues Traveler,Moe.,Widespread Panic as well as Ben Harper, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. These bands have got that great 60's/70's vibe of great improv. and the ability to take that jam to the next level. I'd like to hear from anyone who shares my love of these bands and for the love of this kind of music.
I am really digging a band right now called The Sheepdogs they are from Saskatoon Sask Canada and they have a great throw back sound! Check them out they are on youtube!

Drive-By Truckers

Government Mule


Screaming Trees



I like bands like Wolfmother and The Black Crowes but they are transparently revival music rather than bands that have taken a sound and progressed with it. There is certainly nothing wrong with that and it beats the hell out of taking your music in an idiotic direction just because it's 'the new sound'.  I rather like bands that have managed to keep alive the progression and not just the sound.

I saw BC Woman said this as well but I like the Sheepdogs as well! :]


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