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Maybe the most mythical Doors show. No audio or film has surfaced, but a few photos have. Here's a rare glimpse on the last night The 4 Doors played together.



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Yeah, nice commentary of the Warehouse being one of the most mythical Doors concerts, probably Dallas too.



Yeah Dallas it's pretty nice as well, but the audio from that one has surfaced some time ago, I guess that took away the Dallas aura of mystery. But it's one of a kind show for sure, one of the few where The Doors played live some songs from "L.A Woman",(Changeling, L.A Woman, Love Her Madly) New Orleans was apparently the only one where they played together live "Riders On The Storm", would be so nice to hear that, let's keep hoping one day it can surface.
London Fog recordings have surfaced and no one thought anything like that existed, so you never know!
London Fog is really something yes, and apparently it's official confirmed by the band themselves. I think it's possible that exists the Warehouse one, but, you know, i just don't keep high hopes on it. It's like Miami footage, some say it exists, some say it doesn't.
These images are incredible, what are there sources? Thank you for your words and posting these images. John

Hi, I am sorry for the late reply but sadly I've been extremely busy with work. To answer your question, the sources are from various places, some I got from a newsgroup more than ten years ago on the web, some I got from other Doors fans. There's also a couple I got from the official Doors message board, usually you can find cool stuff posted there :)



















here is a short film depicting this last show:


Very cool thanks for posting the link. I wrote abt that film in a Doors Examiner article about a year ago? It's cool they excerpted the part of The Doors, and its a very different perspective than the usual story.




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