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Teaser was just that for many i am still teased and cant get enough lol!

So right but you know what many say its his best and you know what I do not think so because I listen to all of his stuff and it matters where I am at the moment because Tommy touched briefly and than instantly mastered so many styles. I get into moods and today I mostly listened to the spin he put to Deep Purple On Days May Come and Days May Go. I remembered when Ritchie Blackmore quit I was stunned I love Ritchie Blackmore well Tommy actually added a new funk soulful element and as the lp said Come taste the Band was extraordinary as well as when he was in the James Gang where he replaced Joe Walsh ironic both stated that Tommy was the most exciting guitarist as well as Jimmy Page once saw him perform with Zephyr and was stunned. Well Tommy takes his playing all over and when I find myself getting into jazz fusion I remember that Tommy was one of first trendsetters that first drifted into the fusion thing so go check out Billy Cobhams Spectrum some of the most amazing guitar work ever or Alphonse Mouson Mind Transplant, Zephyr, Moxy or even in Tommys own Energy if you could find it without giving up half your paycheck lol! i have to see as I write this if I am going to win Albany NY I shall return but something to reflect on I am not only doing this for Tommy but so a whole new generation could be blessed to hear this man that was blessed by magic but sadly the same magic killed him at 25 years old where would he be at now musically????? I dont know but this was probably the biggest tragedy ever in the rock world and yes I love Jimi Hendrix as well but Jimi could never venture where Tommy wandered sometimes at just a drop of a dime or on a whim So let the music speak for its self! Just back I just won and paid for Tommy at Albany NY cost me 40 bucks but the other seller has his at 197 and Amazon is the same so thats my blessing for today now I do not have to listen to the cassette anymore lol! I am never satsified lol! If you have never experienced Tommy Bolin well Teasers probably a good place to begin. Teased, Teaser such a fitting name to such a groundbreaking album!

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