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Ok,..So if you could have any kind of sovenir from a classic rock artist or group...What would it be ?

Well for me I'd want that Fender Strat that Jimi Hendrix played on at Woodstock.....Or maybe even Duane Allman's Gibson Les Paul...Man you know those guitars had seen alot of history...Hell they made history.....

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Don't deny he can play guitar but the school boy look don't do it for me I'm afraid ;) I'll stick with the Slash look ... now that does do it lol

I can see you'r point:)..I love he's look becous it's so different from everyone else in the famous Rock N' Roll world..And I love it that he doesnt change it to fit in:) even though he wouldn't have to at this ponit:)

Nope I think he is safe to be whatever he wants to be now, just hoping he doesn't get too big for those cowboy boots of his and go down the Axl route if alienating the people who put him there ... nah won't happen he is a legend :)

Speeking of Axl have you heard anything of he's work after everyone left him?

After hearing Chinese Democracy once he has been filed under P for pants and won't be coming back out in my house lol but no I haven't heard anything by him or about him for quite a while now.

It seems he pretty much digged he's own grave at the end with Guns N' Roses:)..but I chouldnt say to much since I havent listen to he's work or Guns N' Roses since the end of the 90's

Alice Cooper's Leopard Boots from the Good To See you Again Tour 1973..That would be pretty cool to have on the wall:)

Elvis's leather jacket. The black one.

He wore it right, without looking camp. I light the leather jackt look. Has to be distressed, not brand new looking.


You don't want to get too close to me. I corrupt ;)

I would like Janis Joplin's Rose Colored Glasses.

I'd love to have this jacket! Wonder where it's at now? Anyone know?

On the cover of RUSH's "All The World's A Stage" Double Live Album is a picture of Neil Peart's drum set, that is what I would want! The Drum set itself is affectionately known as Chromey and the owner of the set has a "Group" on Facebook.


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