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Everybody's got one of these, I think. You know the one. It makes your skin crawl and causes you to cringe and wince. It's the song that comes on the radio when you have no control to change it and you hate it so much that you just want to plug your ears but you can't, like in some kind of bad nightmare.

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True, that's not Zep to me.
Wow! Dick - you really didn't just say Fool in the Rain did you? That song is one of my favorites! I just love the middle section where the drums come in and it all goes nuts. You really need to let it grow on you! To me, it backs up how musically diverse Led Zep can be - to be honest, I even kind of like Hot Dog by them, and Carouselambra is great too!

My worst classic rock song probably has to be 'We Will Rock You' by Queen. A pure example of a genius songwriter making a song for commerical use. Way too overplayed at sports events. Hate it.

And yes, props to Steve for a great topic! Lets hear what everyone else has to say...
Donna Summer's version of Mc ARTHUR PARK is great but the first version - ugh
I love the Beatles, but I absolutely cannot stand the song hey Jude. I know that there will be many who disagree, but it just annoys me to no end. Cherokee Billie
Naaaah, naah, naah nananaanaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! : )
Forgot to lay claim to mine: It leans more toward pop than classic rock, but it's from the same era and by the sometimes rocking band Chicago. It's "Color My World". Sounds like a kid practicing scales on piano and then on the flute. And Terry Kath, excellent as he is, just doesn't work as a vocalist for me at all on the whole tender lovesong vibe. "I can name that tune" in one note and have it silenced just as fast.
that song makes me sad .guess it's the tune that does it .
I have to say. . .I HATE HATE HATE the Steve Miller Band. Every time I here the thumping twang of "Space Cowboy," I've got to change the station. Although I must admit, I hated Supertramp forever and am embarrased to say I have finally learned to embrace them. . .
i like supertramp , then again i 'm a lover of prog .
Boys of Summer--what a sad depressing song much like the last part of Layla.
there are many...however, the first one that came to mind is "rikki dont lose that number".....yet I enjoy hearing DeaconBlues anytime! Just sharing 2 songs worth listening to again... Green River by CCR...God only Knows by beach boys....
I loathe Aqualung, don't ask me why. I just want to cringe whenever I hear it.


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