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There has always been great debate about what the best classic rock song of all time is - is it Stairway to Heaven? Smoke on the Water? Light My Fire? Paint it Black? Or even Bohemian Rhapsody? Hotel California? Or perhaps something else? Always wanted to vote for your favorite?

Many people ask me that question too, so I thought I would put a definite end to this question and start an official 'Greatest Classic Rock Song of All Time' poll that will always be up and running - go ahead and vote for your favorite classic rock song of all time and then keep checking back as we get more votes in!

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The Details:
- You can only vote once - sorry I know its tough!
- I have limited it to my definition of classic rock songs (ruled out songs from the 50s and 90's).
- Keep checking back to see who becomes number 1!

So, without further ado, here is my long list of greatest classic rock songs to chose from:

Take Part in the Greatest Classic Rock Song of All Time Poll!

Enjoy - and feel free to discuss below the greatest songs in this poll!

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"Tweety A Connoisseur of Rock-And-Roll” By Cherokee Billie

I will never forget the first time my little sky blue Parakeet, Tweety, heard the song, "Stairway To Heaven." The year was 1974 when Led Zeppelin first released; "Stairway To Heaven", I was a young married, 23 years old, and usually had the stereo on loud every morning in our rented house after my husband went to work.

Tweety’s cage was right next to one of the stereo speakers in the living room, as Tweety enjoyed music so much. I had Tweety since 1967 so she knew rock-and-roll really well living with me. Tweety would lose control bopping up and down while chirping loudly whenever I put on music by Jimi Hendrix. Tweety would chirp softly to the Beatles. Tweety was a true connoisseur of music.

Tweety’s cage stood about 3 feet from the base with a large wood branch extending from the bottom to the top of the cage. There was several little branches shooting out from the main branch and Tweety would perch on the different branches depending on what she wanted to see or hear at that moment. Her favorite jutting branch was toward the top of her cage where Tweety would stand poised like a ballerina about to engage in her own choreograph, which she often did bobbing and weaving to the music.

This particular morning Tweety was on her favorite branch enjoying the music from the radio. The song "Stairway To Heaven" came on the radio for the first time. The song starts very softly with Robert Plant singing in a very beautiful tone. I noticed Tweety was stretched as far as her little body could stretch to get her ear, as close to the speaker as possible. I watched mesmerized at how still and quiet Tweety was during the first part of the song. Normally she would be chirping along with the music. But not today - not during this song.

Suddenly Robert Plant burst out with the verse, "As we wind on down the road," accompanied by a barrage of heavy metal music; going from the soft melodious sound to harsh rock-and-roll. The contrast was startling to poor little Tweety. She fell instantaneously onto the floor of her cage. She looked stunned for a moment but started climbing back up the wood branch by her beak and feet to her favorite perch to finish listening to the song. Tweety listened in complete silence until the song concluded. If Tweety could have been a music critic she would have said, "That was the best song I have ever heard."

After this episode whenever Tweety heard Robert Plant singing she would fall silent and study every tone of his voice. Tweety never did this with any other musician or song only with Robert Plant.

To this day when I hear, "Stairway To Heaven" I always picture the rapt attention of Tweety’s little face. And I smile.
Rolling Stone magazine says it is ironic when you think about it I Cant Get No Satisfaction, by the Rolling Stones that was originally wrote as a country song Keefer states. I could think of about 50 or 100 that are deserving lol!
Teenage Wasteland??? You're KILLIN' me here! Get the name of the friggin' song right!!!
Very true Rockdawg - the actual name is Baba O'Riley - I put Teenage Wasteland because many more non-who fans know that as the title of that song. Just trying to get it more votes :)
good point
LOL! Teenage wasteland?! They probably think Aerosmith and Jethro Tull are Steven Tyler and Ian Anderson.
Can't say that I am surprised by the result of the poll. I looked at it and can't remember which song I voted for! I think it would depend on the mood I am in at the moment I chose....all those songs are great.
Here is a very interesting email I got today from a member regarding the fact that Stairway to Heaven is easily winning this poll... what does everyone else think? Does it deserve to be taken off or put in a 'hall of fame'? Any other ideas?

Rich, From one Richard to another, please, I beg of you..........Not Stairway to Heaven again! What can I give you to manipulate the poll results?I can stuff the ballot box with other selections. Anything but that tired, overplayed anthem. There are so very many other, better songs that could fill the top slot.Oh, the simple-mindedness in our midst. The ignorance. The complete and utter lack of originality. Why not eliminate it from the option for selection like many other polls have done (read: Kind of Blue) and give it a "retired" or "hall of fame" status? It certainly deserves at least that..... I am spent. Richard Grimmett
Mystery Train by Elvis
WOW this is a hard decision Sparks by the Who
Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
Stairway to Heaven


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