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The Rolling Stones are, and allways have been a brilliant band, but I wonder whether they are coming to the end of their time within the rock music scene (performance wise)?!  Although they still seem to be turning out OK songs, I'm thinking that it may be almost time to retire from touring, 2/3 years?  I'm sure that, like Led Zeppelin, it's better to go out with a bang on a high leaving their fans screaming for more, than to go on and on only to fizzle out!   Now I'm sure that I'm gonna put some noses out of joint by saying that but hey, someone's got to say it!  Ha.

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Wow great question. As long as their performances don't get really bad, then why not keep going? Personally though, I don't think seeing them live now would be anywhere near as good as seeing them in the height of their popularity - they probably sounded much better live then. Although, yes, I agree, going out with a bang is usually the best way to stop. I think that it will actually take the death of mick or keith to stop the stones touring, as those two really define the stones now.


Yes Rich, It would be great if they could keep going until…...  but, don’t you think that sometimes they can look as if they’re trying just a little too hard to sound and look exactly the same as when they were at their (younger) best? (see above link)  Other older groups like Sabbath, AC/DC etc could be included too.  Although they are all still pretty fit and sound good at the moment, and we would hate not to be able to see their concerts anymore, I think your comment “as long as their performances don’t get really bad” should be noted! 

As for the deaths of band members; even the demise of the founding member of the band - Brian Jones, did’nt stop them carrying on.  :)


Brian Jones was my favorite Rolling Stone back in the Sixties.  He was such a talented musician and played all sorts of instruments.  After he left/passed away the Stones' music definitely changed.  That was such a long time ago and Mick & Keith had become the band's leaders.  Who knows if they should retire??  It's up to them!

Yeah, you see how that hanging on worked out for Brett Favre.

Mmmmm.  I think the only way to go (other than to gracefully bow out that is) would be in a blaze of glory, say, if the helicopter that they all decided to get into after a concert was to explode!  OOoooo! PERISH THE THOUGHT of course, but it would be much better than hanging on by the fingernails for as long as they could, or to be pushed into retirement (by one too many hard tackles, so I gather) like Favre.  Still, I'm sure they have no thoughts of going anywhere for the forseeable future!  (Unless someone knows different!) Ha :)


It's not like they need the money.

If I was Jagger, I'd be sipping Mai-Tai's in Tahiti with some island princess in one hand and fishing pole in the other.

LOL Nice!  But I think he might be sick to death of doin' that and just secretly longs for a quiet night in watching telly with his furry slippers and mug of hot chocolate! Ha ha!  I think it may soon be time for rolling stones to gather some moss!?  Ha

I don't know....I think they still may have it them for another Great Stones Album and even a Tour.

I'd really like to see them do more of a Blues/R&B type of Record like some fo their early classic albums.

And as far as the Rolling Stones Music....Does anyone remember the song called "Under Cover of the Night"...Man you just don't ever hear that song played on the radio much at all...And what about the "Tattoo You" album,I liked that one alot as well...

If I had to peg my top 3 Stones albums it would be, Let It Bleed, Goats Head Soup, and Sticky Fingers. If I had to round out the top-5 it would be a toss up between Beggers Banquet and Tattoo You. I'm sure everyone else has different positioning.

In the lingo of the day.... "It's all good!"

I didn't recognize that title so I had to go look it up. Now that I hear it... Oh yeah!


I remember this album and it really didn't live up to what I expected from the Stones. It got very little play around my place. The album... Undercover - 1983

Between the Buttons

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