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Well, as I'm sure you know by now (if you don't...where have you been...LOL) Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012 has come and gone. Those of us who put it together (Angela, Donnie G, Joe Johnson and myself) all felt it was the best BTC yet. But, more importantly our cruisers feel the same way. So i'd just like to share what some of feedback we have received from those who paid to be among the 200 Beatles Fans that joined this unique Beatles Themed Event.

Hi Donnie, Joe, Angela and Woody,

We would once again like to personally thank you and everyone involved in putting the BTC 2012 together.  This year's Beatle voyage was spectacular!  The music and performances were again thoroughly impressive.  Each of the scheduled events were extraordinary!  The BTC offers an intimate venue and opportunity to get to know the celebrities. It's remarkable how personable each of the musicians were again this year.  It was great to reunite with the BTC friends we made last year, and fortunate to have made many new friends this year.  "Beatle people" (as Mark Hudson would say) are the best!The Oasis is truly grand, the service fantastic....don't know how any other ship will compare!  Only improvement would have been better accommodations for dancing.As we said last year, we had an amazing vacation.  Happily our cruiser friends, Greg and Barb, also thoroughly enjoyed the BTC.  Gladly, (as we knew) all we prepared them for was proven true.  We will gladly recommend this Beatle Tribute event to all looking for remarkable and fun filled adventure.As you know we lost our camera on the ship.  We greatly appreciate your offer to send us any pictures and videos you have.  We will reimburse the postage and any costs associated to you.   Thank you again for the great memories we will long cherish!All the Best to you, Donie, Sandy, Joe, Woody, Barbara and all....until we meet again ~~ Cheers!  Bill and Janis McCarty


From two time cruiser Debbie Bedford

Hi Angela and Woody,                 

 I attended BTC 2011 and it was the best vacation I have ever had, then I went on BTC 2012 and it was even better!  Everything is good: the ship, the Caribbean, lots of new friends who love the Beatles as I do, lots of phenomenal music and talent, getting to meet and talk with the talent, and lots of fun and laughter.  I will continue to do this cruise as I love everything it includes.  This year the performers got together and played and it was great music indeed.  Those who put this together work so hard to make us all happy and they do such an incredible job.  LJ is a wonder, Revolution was terrific, Tim Piper IS John Lennon, and Mark Hudson - an immensely talented and very funny man.  I can't say enough and I am so glad that I learned about this cruise so that I could be a part of it for a second time.  I plan on many more BTC cruises as they are a splendid time for all!  Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Enjoy your day, Debbie B.


From first time cruiser Danny S.

To Angela, Woody, Joe & Don E Gee,                   

It was a pleasure meeting everyone who attended The BTC 2012.  I don't know if you remember me, but I was part of the trivia contest the night we were in the Jazz On 4.  I also participated in the trivia the night of the Tim Piper Imagine show. I was on a team with Bill Johnson, Julie Amento, and Joey Amento.  Anyway, it was my first cruise, and naturally my first Beatles Tribute Cruise.  I enjoyed myself immensely!!  I really did have a great time with all the Beatle People!  I hope to be able to do it again.  Thanks for putting on such a good agenda. You did a great job!



From first time Cruiser Jennifer S.

My mother and I (a 2nd generation avid Beatles fan) love cruises anyway.  Being the largest cruise ship in the world and learning about the appearing guests and activities were enough to take a chance on what was our first Beatles Tribute Cruise.  We found ourselves up close to the guests and showered with Beatles goodies.  Laurence Juber was musically excellent, Tim Piper emotionally moved us with his rendition of Just Imagine, Mark Hudson was incredibly funny, and Tony Bramwell shared his memories and wonderful film footage of "The Boys".  I was brave enough to be on a panel for the trivia contest and, although nervous, was able to pull out a prize by answering the first four questions.  Everyone I talked to in our group was very friendly, and that made sense for we all possessed that common bond ... a love for the greatest rock band of all time. We have attended other Beatles-related celebrations for 35 years and are now ready to add this unique "celebration" to our annual itinerary.

Jennifer S. & Rebecca M

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