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The year was 1972ish, I was seven and my friend Johnny was six and we were introduced to Led Zeppelin, I have no idea how two kids so young were introduced to such "aggressive" music. After all, it was nearly 40 years ago, but somehow, someway, Led Zeppelin came into our lives and boy, am I glad they did.

The very first Led Zeppelin song I ever heard was Black Dog side 1, song 1(back when there were 'sides one and two' on tapes and crazy black discs known as vinyl albums, LP's etc) of The Fourth Album (as Robert Plant refers to it). I had no clue there was even a song called Stairway To Heaven! We must have heard it on the radio, so we immediately made our way down to The Wherehouse to buy Led Zeppelin's Fourth Album, on cassette!! Back then The Wherehouse kept the cassettes behind the counter, and we had to ask the clerk for our copies, we spent the last of our allowance, but it was well worth it. We played that tape day and night, knew all the words by heart, and sang the songs as a duet.

Over the years my love of Led Zeppelin only grew stronger, of course I enjoyed listening to all types of music. I got everything I could get my hands on; posters, albums, bootlegs, you name it. Sadly, all of which are gone now, including a mint condition Song Remains The Same movie poster I found at a record exchange, super cheaply. I bought Led Zeppelin I when I was about ten, and finally finished off buying em all in high school, when I bought Led Zeppelin II, In Through The Out Door and Coda. To this day my walls are still adorned with Led Zeppelin pics and calendars. I have thought of buying all of Led Zeppelin's official releases on vinyl, just for nostalgia, as I no loner have a turntable, but instead I have given them their own shelf on my CD rack, I am happy with that.

I always hate it when people ask me what my favourite song, album etc is, that's like choosing a favourite child. Or people who say they love Stairway, as great a song as it is, there is so much more to Led Zeppelin than Stairway To Heaven. (but if you stick a gun to my head, I would have to choose Led Zeppelin II). Jimmy Page says his personal favourite album is Presence, and Robert Plant says that Kashmir is the ultimate Led Zeppelin song.

I have never seen Led Zeppelin as a group, I have however seen Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Jason Bonham, on several occasions. My friend Joe saw the 2007 Ahmet Ertegen tribute show in England, and thought it was amusing that people did not say "That's so cool", but instead he got "Fuck You, I am so Jealous" (of course people weren't really mad at him, but were truely jealous, and I am one of em!).

It's true that you never forget your first love, and I will always love Led Zeppelin, more than anyone else.

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